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We wanted to share our story of establishment or our purpose of gathering with you. It was a project we both have been working on separately for almost a year – bringing our designs to consumers. Due to our trust in each other and the alignment of our ideas, we ultimately decided to become partners and establish our 'Cirque' store.

As consumers ourselves, we often find ourselves lost among fashion and design products. Almost every day, we come across new trends or collections. Among these, there are both items that everyone rushes to buy and use simultaneously, and rare pieces that only a minority owns.


Unfortunately, we cannot decide which of these two groups we prefer. Later on, we realized something: we don't have to take sides or conform to norms. If we produce one unit of one product and a thousand units of another, no one will get into trouble, and we won't suddenly disappear into thin air. Therefore, we decided from scratch how we would sell our designs, and with ever-changing ideas, we are now here. Thank you for joining us ❤️‍🔥 Don't forget to share your thoughts with us.

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